Dec . 16 . 2016

Little clients with big ideas, innovation packed fun. Kids are full of ideas and they are renewed every time they see something happening in the surrounding or a new cartoon character inspires their thoughts. Making a birthday memorable for the children is a big challenge, as the little masters want everything to happen at the […]

Dec . 7 . 2016

Chatkhara Bhindi Masala It is the north Indian dry curry made with Okra. When served with lightening and silky soft phulkas and chapatis, it enriches the taste. Rasmasa AlooMatar Curry AlooMatar Curry is very much famous because it is not only full of taste, but also very light, in fact, you eat more, and you […]

Dec . 2 . 2016

Bring out the creative caterer in you for a treat to your guests Catering is a very tricky business and requires innovation at every step to make it an attractive commodity. Creativity is a thing that can create a thrill in anything and gives freshness to the affair. Caterer uses his imagination to make the […]

Nov . 22 . 2016

A package of delight and tradition combined Even in western countries people from the East do not forget their traditions and style so they keep trying to make their own impression on celebration of events. The way people of sub continent adopt to carryout different actions is called ‘Desi’ so their weddings are also known […]

Nov . 14 . 2016

Respect Your Client Aspirations and Serve the Best Possible Every Time Many service providers in all different walks of life that are professionally well equipped remain available to make things pleasant and events a cherish memory for life long. Catering is an important aspect and if one is concerned about food and its serving then […]

Nov . 11 . 2016

Jonathan Waterman is an award winning, wedding and events Toastmaster, Coordinator, Consultant, MC, Compere, Auctioneer and Presenter. You can catch him at

Nov . 9 . 2016

Eight mouth drooling must have appetizers for your wedding venue Planning of a wedding event can be very tiresome experience for many. There are so many details that you need to think about ahead of time just to make your “big day” perfect from every aspect. Not a single thing can be missed as each […]

Nov . 7 . 2016

Catering can be based on different themes There is a vast range of ideas for presenting people with their favorite food. Every theme is different from the other based on the occasion. People not only love to eat good food, they enjoy eating a pretty food. Presentation means a lot but it should be with […]

Oct . 31 . 2016

Birthday parties are one day function and make a very pleasant change in the daily routine of people whether they are hosting it or participate as guests. This event is normally arranged according to budget of the family. Birthday parties are mostly of kids but grown up people also celebrate it either for fun or […]

Oct . 28 . 2016

Popularity of Indian food in UK More Indian Restaurants Over the recent decades, Indian food is becoming popular enough so that one might find more Indian food restaurant than the English food restaurants. From the last half century, number of restaurants offering Indian food are in quantum leap as compared to the traditional English restaurants. […]

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