Jun . 13 . 2016
20 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

Wedding ceremonies have a charm and everyone is eyeing on these events. With the summer season coming, a lot of couples tie wedding knots. Weddings used to be much simpler with a relatively low expenditure. But now-a-days the situation is totally opposite. The average cost of a wedding in UK is nearly £20,000 according to recently conducted surveys which is not very surprising. With the ever increasing trend of ruthless spending of tons of money on a marriage ceremony, it also sometimes tends to push the couple at the verge of bankruptcy.

Wedding menu

When it comes to entertaining your guests with food and drinks on the day of your dreams, a huge chunk of wedding budget is spent in this department. It is undoubtedly a nerve wrecking part as you have to play smart keeping in mind your financial limitations and your guests’ satisfaction. Obviously, you would never want the guests gossiping about some flawed arrangements or less tastier food that will spoil your day. Rather a couple aims to put in all the efforts in their power to make this day unforgettable.

Smart Tips to cut down cost

Are you looking for affordable options to meet the needs of guests on your wedding day without spending a handsome amount of money? Well, the good news is that it is possible with a little investment in planning and decision making. Sending your guests home having some good thoughts and memories does definitely not require a huge spending as opposed to what many couples might think. Here is a checklist for the couples to help them in savvy planning for a big save.

1- Narrow your guest list

The very first thing you can do is to invite a limited number of guests to your wedding in order to somewhat cut down food expense. Send out invitations to only close friends and relatives. Skip distant relatives, friends and colleagues. This will save your money on catering as venues charge you per head. The greater your guest count is the more you will have to pay.

  • Invite a limited number of guests
  • Invite close friends and relatives
  • Greater the guest count, greater the expenses

2- Plan a daytime wedding

Although it may not seem like a big factor nevertheless it is a key contributor to investing more money on feeding your guests. If you plan for a wedding that lasts the whole day with its festivities and glamor, you should be prepared to empty your pockets on a huge bill at the end of the day as you will have to keep the guests entertained with food and refreshments throughout the day. Having lunch or brunch at your reception is a reasonable idea. The guests will be happy with simple main course dishes and you can skip fancy appetizers and desserts. You should consult your partner in this regard and mutually decide what time suits you best.

  • Hold a daytime wedding
  • Whole day wedding will cost a lot
  • Skip fancy appetizers and desserts

3- Skip a Summer wedding

The time of year you intend to tie a knot is of utmost importance. Summer is usually preferred for weddings and venues have jam packed wedding event schedule during this season. During the peak wedding season the rates of venues and caterers, florists and other vendors etc. are sky high. A clever approach would be to fix your wedding date in off-peak season to lower the expense for your wedding a bit.

  • Try to have a non-summer wedding
  • Everything is expensive in summer
  • Avoid the peak season to lower expenses

4- Get married on Friday or Sunday

Most popular day that couples usually choose for their wedding is Saturday. So the venues suck all the client’s money during the peak time by charging them higher rates. Plan your wedding on any day other than Saturdays. If you don’t want it to be on weekday, Friday or Sunday is the perfect day. And you are sure to save thousands of pounds by this simple trick.

  • Avoid Weddings on Saturday
  • Venues charge higher rates
  • Friday or Sunday is the perfect day

5- Ask for discount

It is never a bad idea to ask your vendors to offer you a bit of reasonable discount. The rule is, if you don’t ask for it you don’t get it! So be confident to bargain a little and save some money instead of just agreeing on the offer vendor makes. Your goal should be to make realistic demands while bargaining. No one will offer you an 80% discount in their peak business time.

  • Try to get discount on rates
  • Bargain a little & save money
  • Make realistic demands

    20 Ways to Save on Food and Drinks

    20 Ways to Save on Food and Drinks

6- Save on catering

Instead of having a formal sit down meal arrangement, try considering a less formal buffetor a backyard BBQ as an alternative. It will cut down cost to a great deal. The plus of this approach is that you will not have to bear the burden of paying the caterers and servers separately which would be a huge relief. Check out cheap wedding catering services to save the money.

  • Try a buffet or a backyard BBQ
  • Less money spent on catering means more spending money elsewhere.
  • Save money by checking cheap wedding services

7- Bring your own beverages

Usually venues charge unnecessarily higher rates on soft drinks and beverages. While booking at your dream wedding venue, make sure to ask if they will allow you to bring your beverages from outside instead of availing their services. Some of the venues have strict rules in this regard and won’t allow you to do so. But it is a better-looking idea to avoid the elevated prices the venue will charge you if they are to serve drinks.

  • Venues charge higher rates on soft drinks and beverages
  • Ask the venue if you can bring your own drinks
  • Make sure to read terms & conditions before hiring the venue

8- Plated vs buffet meal

It is thoughtful to compare the prices of buffet and plated meal arrangements that the venue has to offer. At some places plated meal is expensive than buffet whereas the case is opposite at other places. So, you should always consider both options and inquire about the charges prior to making the final booking.

9- Let the guests cook

Choosing people from your family to cook food for your wedding would just be an economical idea if you don’t want to break your budget. You can have the food cooked a day before and then plated nicely to give a professional chef like look on the day of wedding. You can design your own menu freely within a calculated budget. It is a sure way to escape the restrictions of the menu and huge bill payment.

10- Save on Wedding cake

The temptation to have a multi-tiered fancy designer wedding cake is inevitable. We have all seen mouth-watering cakes on lavish wedding parties or in Hollywood movies. But you should ask yourself, “Is it sane to spend so much just on one cake?” Mostly the guests are also full from the meal that they hardly reach out for a slice of cake and consequently the cake gets wasted in the end. So, avoid over-burdening yourself with an expensive cake. Order a simple cake and put a bit more effort in decorating the cake table by embellishing it with flowers, beads, candles your bridal bouquet to achieve a fancy look.

11- Home baked desserts

A cheaper way to save on wedding cake and desserts is to have them home baked. You can ask your mom or sister or someone who is fond of baking. This way you will not have to pay unnecessary charges on wedding cake offered by the venue. But, some venues may charge you a fee for bringing the cake from outside. So it is advisable to weigh both the costs and choose the option having saving benefits.

12- Simplify your menu

The most difficult part is to decide the menu that will cater the taste of your guests. Obviously, you cannot satisfy everyone, but at least you can give it a try. Every family has a liking for certain type of food so you should make these options available for your guests. Simple food dished out nicely will look more inviting rather than complex dishes.

13- Stick to traditional taste

You should not try to experiment something untraditional. A fancier meal will be far more expensive because of its ingredients and there is no guarantee that it will be liked by all. Instead, mac and cheese, baked or roasted chicken are much likely to fulfill the appetite of guests of every age. Guests are most likely not to try or will not appreciate dishes that taste unfamiliar to their taste buds. Disappointed guests will be the last thing you would want on this day.

14- Seasonal ingredients

Always pay attention to the ingredients used in the preparation of dishes in your menu as it counts a lot. Some ingredients like herbs or fruits etc are seasonal. If you select a dish having an ingredient that is not readily available in stores at the time of your wedding, it will cost you way too much which is actually unnecessary. Look for seasonal alternatives in dishes while selecting your wedding menu.

15- Less Menu Options

Whether for weddings or any other get together, opt for the strategy of having fewer options for guests. It is not necessary to have chicken and fish all in your menu at the same time. Instead, pick a well- balanced menu that suits you and offers limited options. When there are numerous options at hand, guests are tempted to try every dish that will in turn, elevate your bills. Never compromise on quality and taste of food over quantity. Two or three we cooked dishes will be better than seven mediocre ones.

16- Rent stalls or food trucks

An interesting way of making your wedding memorable is to experiment with creative ways of serving meal to your guests. A great option is if you setup some stalls and decorate them to appeal the guests. Another fun way is renting food trucks and giving away tacos or crepes. It won’t cost you the earth but will definitely amaze your guests with this creative idea.

17- Kidsmeal

Think of attracting kids with lunchboxes, crispy chicken pieces, pizza or mac and cheese. It will give you an advantage as you will not have to pay for them as a full aged person as venues charge you for a meal as per head count.

18- No need to customize

Although it sounds like a cool idea to serve guests with some customized glasses, straws, bottles or jars etc. but the truth is no one will notice so minute details and notice their absence if you skipped this idea. Guests usually don’t even pay attention to such fine details. Customizing items not as easy as it may look.

It can be a tiresome job to work on selecting items to be customized then putting in effort and time to get the job done. It can turn into serious headache and you will have a lot of other chores in your wedding that demands your attention so don’t bother yourself with this unnecessary burden. Instead, plan on utilizing your time efficiently and try winding up all preparations before the big day. Don’t leave anything for the last moment.

19- Have a poured service

If you have planned to have a seated and tabled arrangement you should opt for a poured service for drinks. Instead of putting a bottle of soft drink on each table let the caterers pour the drinks in guests’ glasses. If you have 150 attendants at the wedding and one guest drinks half of the bottle then, you will need 75 bottles. The number of bottles might touch 100 or above if you place a bottle on each table.

20- Options on drinks

There is no need to provide 5 different types of drinks, instead, two drinks along with plain water would be enough to cater the thirsty guests. You can have one soft drink and one fresh juice served.

Food is the most important part of a wedding ceremony. All your friends and family members are gathered on this blessed day. Everyone wants their wedding to be a sweet memory for the guests but spending more money will never ensure that. Get a chance to save yourself some money whenever you can by looking at alternative options. Although there is no running away from the expenses of wedding, by following these simple hacks you can accomplish a big save.

The average cost of a wedding according to a research done by folks at Perfect Wedding is as follows:-

Wedding venue and ceremony fees: £1,500

Reception venue £2,500

Catering: £2,500

Drinks: £750

Music decorations: £1,000

Photography: £1,500

Videography: £659

Cake: £500

Flowers: £550

Transport: £250

Favours and gifts: £400

Wedding rings: £600

Dress: £2,000

Bride’s shoes: £150

Jewelry and veil: £250

Hair and makeup: £150

Honeymoon: £4,000

Total: £19,259

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