Oct . 31 . 2016
Birthday party catering is a lot of fun

Birthday parties are one day function and make a very pleasant change in the daily routine of people whether they are hosting it or participate as guests. This event is normally arranged according to budget of the family.

Birthday parties are mostly of kids but grown up people also celebrate it either for fun or for a reason to sit together. Catering services birthdays of different age groups vary for many obvious reasons…the taste of both the age levels.

Catering For Kids birthday party

Kids love to eat food that is according to their taste and choice. For kids food is the main thing, which keeps them engaged for a longer time. Food for a kid’s event should be simple and hassle free. Also one thing must be kept in mind that the food you are catering for children will not make them dirty, or you will have to face a difficult situation.

Birthday Parties for Grownups

Birthday Parties for Grownups

As you are cooking or ordering for little ones, the most essential thing is that it should be healthy food, the most of it. If junk food is in demand then it should be in very less quantity and from a very reliable company. Kids love food like







Hot dogs

Drum sticks (can be served as a dinner item also)

Minnie pizza breads (another good idea)

Baked potatoes

It is advisable to not opt for dinner as it will be difficult to handle kids without their parents. If it is necessary then the dinner items that can be easily handled by kids can include:-

Finger fish


Fried chicken with sauce


Or a packed lunch or dinner box is also a good choice to avoid the procedure of serving.

Often people prepare food at home for such parties but mostly these days due to busy schedules they are more comfortable to have catering services.

 Birthday Parties for grownups:

Grownups have different taste and they like to follow trend. Their birthday parties are different from children. For this age level birthday party is more like a get together. To arrange a birthday party of an elder is a much more complicated process than of the younger ones.

Birthday Party Catering for Kids

Birthday Party Catering for Kids

Their personal likes and dislikes about the event are important to know for an event manager. Theme enters in the scene and décor and arrangements are done according to the desire of the birthday person. To decide the cuisine for such an occasion is also a challenge. One has to consider the person involved and the guests are also kept in mind. If there are only snacks to be included in the catering then they are to be followed by cold drinks. Snacks can include



Chicken bread

Hot dogs





And anything the hosts ask for.

If dinner is included then it can be anything according to the taste according to the norms and taboos of that particular family and soft drinks can be served with the dinner.

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