Jan . 13 . 2016
Gifts for the Groom

Why not treat your new husband with gifts Choices are Limited Getting a gift for the groom isn’t always easy. Unlike the many options available for the bride, jewelry, dresses, make up and a wide selection of choices, the groom part is always more difficult. On the other hand, there are a few gifts that […]

Dec . 18 . 2015
10 Love Quotes To Get You in The Romantic Wedding Mood

Love conquers all and has inspired the greatest novels, artists, movies and personalities the world has ever seen. Weddings are the best way of celebrating love for each other and as the festive season is upon us we bring you our top ten love quotes.   One “There is a place you can touch a […]

Dec . 16 . 2015
4 Tips on Having an Outdoor Wedding in Winter

Weddings are always memorable occasions and some of the best and most beautiful weddings are those that take place outdoors. The scenery, the welcoming feeling and the beauty of it all is at times overwhelming. A beauty that cannot be found indoors or in a rented hall. However, when it comes to outdoor weddings, there […]

Dec . 14 . 2015
How Can RSVPs Become A Nightmare?

RSVPs can become a headache Be prepared for any scenarios RSVPs can become a bit of a nightmare, whether people answer yes and never show up, don’t respond at all, or turn up unexpected on the day. Unfortunately, these types of scenarios do happen, but it’s important not let a few ill-mannered guests ruin your […]

Dec . 11 . 2015
How to Hold the Perfect Winter Wedding?

Here are some useful tips for you if you are planning to get married this winter Love is in the air along with the festive tingle with snow on the ground. Fire is lit indoors, the smell of chestnuts roasting and the all-familiar Christmas decorations make us say, Christmas and winter weddings are absolutely magical. […]

Dec . 7 . 2015
Getting the Wedding Suit Right

Groom Needs Attention As Well When it comes to a wedding gift we automatically think of the bride and her beautiful dress, make up, hair and shoes. We often forget and even neglect the other half of this union, the groom. And due to this neglect these poor men make mistakes in their suits that […]

Dec . 4 . 2015
4 Creative Wedding Ideas

Your wedding is your big day and the day you will always look back on and remember. To make it even more memorable here are 4 ideas for the themes you could choose. Have a Horror Theme If you’re into horror and your partner is too then don’t disregard this wedding theme. Becoming more common […]

Nov . 26 . 2015
Wedding Gifts To Make The Couple Smile

Wedding is a time of happiness and joy Wedding is all about Gifts We all know weddings bring gifts, lots of them. We also know amongst those gifts are some that are just pointless and almost torturous. The aunty that gives the suit that looks like it was your great grandmothers and the dinner sets […]

Jun . 11 . 2015
Hindu Wedding Gift Ideas

What gifts to give at a Hindu/Indian Wedding? If you have been invited to a Hindu wedding ceremony and you don’t know anything about it what so ever then don’t worry I can help you with some wedding and gift ideas. Colourful Event Hindu weddings consist of vibrant, glitzy, glamorous, colourful event and pre-wedding celebrations […]

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