Dec . 7 . 2016
10 Veg Dishes You Can’t Live Without

Chatkhara Bhindi Masala It is the north Indian dry curry made with Okra. When served with lightening and silky soft phulkas and chapatis, it enriches the taste. Rasmasa AlooMatar Curry AlooMatar Curry is very much famous because it is not only full of taste, but also very light, in fact, you eat more, and you […]

Jun . 13 . 2016
20 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

Wedding ceremonies have a charm and everyone is eyeing on these events. With the summer season coming, a lot of couples tie wedding knots. Weddings used to be much simpler with a relatively low expenditure. But now-a-days the situation is totally opposite. The average cost of a wedding in UK is nearly £20,000 according to […]

Apr . 6 . 2016
20 Facts about Indian Food in UK you Probably Don’t Know – Infographic

Did you know we spend more than £250m a year on Indian food in UK? This infographic shows more interesting facts like this about Indian cuisine. There are more than 12,000 curry houses in the UK The first curry house in the UK opened in 1809 in London. It was called ‘The Hindostanee Coffee House’ […]

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