Nov . 9 . 2016
Eight Appetizers for your Wedding Venue

Eight mouth drooling must have appetizers for your wedding venue Planning of a wedding event can be very tiresome experience for many. There are so many details that you need to think about ahead of time just to make your “big day” perfect from every aspect. Not a single thing can be missed as each […]

Oct . 10 . 2016
Indian Wedding Food Stall Ideas

Mouth Drooling Indian Wedding Food Stalls Entertaining your guests is never easy when it comes to choosing menu items. And Indian weddings are very eventful and known for their massive spread of food and drinks. Trying to keep your guests engaged with a variety of food and earn their gratitude is one of the goals […]

Sep . 21 . 2016
7 Tips on Saving Money on Wedding Food

The best way to save money on wedding food and venue It’s not hard to have a reception in a beautiful location with delicious food. Let’ share some useful tips on how to rent a sensational space and put together the menu of your dreams even if you are on a low budget or a […]

Jul . 20 . 2016
6 Delightful Alternatives for your Wedding Food

Different Wedding Food Options Are you fed up from the traditional and casual wedding food? Don’t worry. We are always here to open new horizons of tasty food with delicious tastes and latest trends. When choosing a menu, think about your venue and what time of day you want to plan. If you want to […]

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