Jun . 2 . 2016
A Typical Week in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Hey why you don’t become a wedding planner, my friend asked me. All you have to do is party planning. I said to him fine, I will give it a short and 7 years down the line I am living the dream, because I love partying, glitz and glamour so it’s the perfect job for […]

Mar . 28 . 2016
How to Attend an Indian Wedding?

If you ever get a chance to attend an Indian wedding, you’d be surprised to see what happens there and how they celebrate. It usually takes place in any Indian wedding venue or at home. But before you go to any wedding, you might have some questions that need to be answered first. Let’s have […]

Feb . 17 . 2016
Let Spice Village Make Your Memories Alive Forever with Grand Sapphire UK

Spice Village is proud to attend the most prestigious wedding exhibition by Grand Sapphire Hotel & Banqueting London Open Day & Wedding Exhibition details: Grand Sapphire Hotel & Banqueting London 45 Imperial Way, Croydon, Greater London CR0 4RR United Kingdom enquiries@grandsapphire.co.uk Tickets: www.grandsapphire.co.uk Open Day Dates & Timings: 21st of February 2016 10:00 AM to […]

Jan . 30 . 2016
Avoid These 3 Event Planning Mistakes

Planning an event takes time, effort and money. It’s no easy task and is stressful and tiring. Sometimes mishaps and problems arise which are unavoidable despite all the preparation and hard work and of course that’s just the way it is. What is meant to happen, will and sometimes you can’t do nothing to stop […]

Jan . 22 . 2016
4 Ways to Make your Wedding Memorable

We have all been to or heard of those unbearably boring weddings that last hours and leave us dying of boredom in our seats. On the other hand we have all also been to those weddings that we can’t forget, exciting and beautiful they stay in our mind and become an example of the type […]

Jan . 16 . 2016
What to do after Engagement?

One of the best and popular times to get engaged is Christmas, So if you are one of the lucky brides that received sparkly under the Christmas tree, congrats. Now that you are finally engaged, you need to start thinking what your next steps. Consider these things in planning an engagement. Relax & enjoy the […]

Jan . 8 . 2016
Some exciting and inexpensive transport options to get to your wedding day

Don’t Forget the Transportation Everything is ready and now you are looking forward to the biggest day of your life, but then you notice that you haven’t organized the transportation. This is a big deal, because not getting to your wedding is beyond imagination. You need to find some transport fast. If you can’t find […]

Dec . 18 . 2015
10 Love Quotes To Get You in The Romantic Wedding Mood

Love conquers all and has inspired the greatest novels, artists, movies and personalities the world has ever seen. Weddings are the best way of celebrating love for each other and as the festive season is upon us we bring you our top ten love quotes.   One “There is a place you can touch a […]

Dec . 16 . 2015
4 Tips on Having an Outdoor Wedding in Winter

Weddings are always memorable occasions and some of the best and most beautiful weddings are those that take place outdoors. The scenery, the welcoming feeling and the beauty of it all is at times overwhelming. A beauty that cannot be found indoors or in a rented hall. However, when it comes to outdoor weddings, there […]

Dec . 14 . 2015
How Can RSVPs Become A Nightmare?

RSVPs can become a headache Be prepared for any scenarios RSVPs can become a bit of a nightmare, whether people answer yes and never show up, don’t respond at all, or turn up unexpected on the day. Unfortunately, these types of scenarios do happen, but it’s important not let a few ill-mannered guests ruin your […]

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