Oct . 10 . 2016
Spoiler Alert! 4 Hidden Wedding Costs to Avoid

Watch out for these hidden wedding costs Wedding Band Equipment The cost of the wedding band also includes fees for the musicians’ time as well as the minimum amount of equipment needed. If your reception space is extra-large you will need additional speakers and microphones for best sound quality. This can cost you from several […]

Oct . 7 . 2016
Fall wedding flowers ideas

Flowers for your perfect fall wedding décor Choosing seasonal blooms for your wedding day décor is the best economical way that will let you stay within your allocated budget range for your wedding. While this may seem easy to handle, but in reality when you start spending money on each item it will all stacks up […]

Aug . 4 . 2016
What can be the Setbacks in Season Summer Weddings and Tips on how to Avoid them?

Planning to get married in summer? You Definitely Should Read This Summer brings a lot of joy, fun and excitement with it. This season is a hub of all sorts of activities with family dinners, barbeques, parties and not-to-forget the charming wedding receptions with delicious food we get invited to. Many couples find this season […]

Jun . 13 . 2016
20 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

Wedding ceremonies have a charm and everyone is eyeing on these events. With the summer season coming, a lot of couples tie wedding knots. Weddings used to be much simpler with a relatively low expenditure. But now-a-days the situation is totally opposite. The average cost of a wedding in UK is nearly £20,000 according to […]

Apr . 25 . 2016
How a Bengali Wedding is Unmatched and a Unique Festivity?

A Bengali wedding ceremony is a combination of unique traditions and rituals from customs to traditions and food to catering, every part is a celebration A Bengali wedding ceremony is unmatched in its unique traditions and festivity. Although many customs have infused into the traditional ceremony based on regional norms, but still there are some […]

Mar . 30 . 2016
Hindu Wedding Rituals Explained

Attending an Indian Wedding? Here is all you need to know about Hindu marriage traditions and customs Planning an Indian wedding is a whole different ball game Fun atmosphere, grandeur and authentic Indian food, that’s what defines an Indian wedding the best. Attending a wedding ceremony is one thing but planning them is whole different […]

Mar . 26 . 2016
Ideas for an Adventurous Wedding

The biggest and most important day of your life, your big day. Should it really be anything less than amazing? The traditional venues or the church weddings are all well and good but there’s always those couples who want to do something unique and much more memorable for to begin their journey in life together. Below […]

Mar . 24 . 2016
Ingredients of a Spicy Indian Wedding

Only Catering doesn’t have to be spicy to add spice to an Indian wedding Living abroad often means missing out on the fun involved in Indian weddings and ended up with something quite boring in Indian standards. According to Indian’s weddings should be full of fun and joy and emotions presented through the actions of […]

Mar . 22 . 2016
How to have a Budget Wedding?

Save on the favors The most common choice when it comes to wedding favors is a small bag with a bunch of small treats. Although this is a nice option most of the time the favors are misplaced or disregarded and not even eaten and so it just ends up a waste of money. A […]

Feb . 17 . 2016
Let Spice Village Make Your Memories Alive Forever with Grand Sapphire UK

Spice Village is proud to attend the most prestigious wedding exhibition by Grand Sapphire Hotel & Banqueting London Open Day & Wedding Exhibition details: Grand Sapphire Hotel & Banqueting London 45 Imperial Way, Croydon, Greater London CR0 4RR United Kingdom enquiries@grandsapphire.co.uk Tickets: www.grandsapphire.co.uk Open Day Dates & Timings: 21st of February 2016 10:00 AM to […]

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