Nov . 7 . 2016
Catering Themes for Weddings, Birthdays & Corporate Events

Catering can be based on different themes

There is a vast range of ideas for presenting people with their favorite food. Every theme is different from the other based on the occasion. People not only love to eat good food, they enjoy eating a pretty food. Presentation means a lot but it should be with taste. Food can ruin or lift your occasion.

Catering for Weddings

A marriage ceremony is an event that is incomplete without having a good range of eatables on the menu. There is a wide range of catering themes to pick for the big day. The wedding theme can be western, it can be desi theme, it can be a medieval, and it can be like those of 60’s. In short it can be anything crazy that is in the mind of the couple. Catering ideas for weddings can include;

Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Food trucks: Those are seen as convenient for approaching, have wide range of items and are affordable. Also they are considered as business friendly for promoting business.

Bowl food: Bowl food gives variety to the guests. They are usually served in ceramic pans and have a wider range of food.

Outdoor wedding: well this idea comes with fresh air, nice sunny atmosphere and lots of fresh food in the lineup. It gives the guests liberty to move around and carry food while chatting. And for kids such a setting is the most appreciable as they get a lot of space for playing.

Barbeque: Not every wedding has to be western based, so barbeque is a very nice addition to catering for weddings. You can serve soft drinks with barbeque and sweet potatoes fries or baked potatoes make a very good combination.

Lunch cum breakfast: For this part of day one can serve guests with light food. Sandwiches, variety of toasts, eggs, pastries and with the addition of tea or coffee makes it a nice brunch to entertain the guests.

Birthday Themes

Birthdays are a business of kids and its fun to cater for kids. They love fun and food together and the funny yet creative ideas that kids have in mind make that once in a year day a really colorful and amazing site.

Birthday Themes

Birthday Themes

To serve food for kids is a difficult job as children get there inspiration from cartoon characters or stories etc. Cake is the major and the favorite part of birthday for kids. Whatever the theme is it is indicated through the cake. There is a long list for birthday themes.

Some include:

Candy birthday

Camp birthday

Any cartoon character related theme

For summers it can be water theme

It can be a messy party theme

It can be a food fiesta party theme

Every theme includes food which is basically the choice of the birthday boy or girl.

Corporate Parties

Corporate party may include a formal meeting with food catering or an informal party that is given to the staff at the end of the term or just at any time of the year to acknowledge and boost the workers or employs. There is again as much ideas a party organizer can think of. Some are:

Corporate Parties

Corporate Parties

Light burgers or sandwiches with drinks or juices

A sweet area for the ending as donuts wall or pastry stand can add a good section

For breakfast ideas, eggs or sausages with tea or coffee are a good idea.

For a corporate dinner, the employs or guests are considered. Catering is done according to their tastes.

Catering for a corporate party also varies for the time of day selected.

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