Mar . 24 . 2016
Ingredients of a Spicy Indian Wedding

Only Catering doesn’t have to be spicy to add spice to an Indian wedding

Living abroad often means missing out on the fun involved in Indian weddings and ended up with something quite boring in Indian standards. According to Indian’s weddings should be full of fun and joy and emotions presented through the actions of the day and this is a brilliant mindset.

However we are often at a loss as to how to get all of this into our weddings when we are in areas where it’s not all that known. Here are some ideas on how to get the joy spreading as it should not have to only wedding food that adds spice to the wedding day.

Invite all your family and friends

Distant or close, invite them all. Indian weddings are big and noisy. To get the feeling you must have all your family there and your friends.

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

When family gets together you automatically feel the joy spreading and suddenly the day is full of a lot more color. Send traditional invitations and those who are missing all the culture while living abroad will truly appreciate your efforts.

Have a photo-shoot

The bride and groom can have a photo-shoot taken before the wedding and this automatically becomes more India because Indian weddings are incomplete without photo-shoots. Save you moments with your groom before you get busy with the big day.

Wedding Photo shoot

Wedding Photo shoot

Have your friends perform a traditional Indian dance.This doesn’t have to be something so difficult or hard to prepare. Let the woman add color to the day by having a dance even if it’s just to a duff that I am sure one of the traditional aunties will know how to play.

Give love notes at the door

When your guests enter then hand them notes on tissues or cards or even in small goody bags. These goody bags are handed out in Indian weddings with a few sweets in them. You can add a note with a sweet message or quote which will please your guests and serve as a memory for them.

Have lanterns for decorations

Indian weddings always have the extra romantic décor. Add lanterns to your day and maybe dim the lights. That will make the romantic touch increase and with the lanterns and gathered guests all laughing, joking and having a good time it will turn out to be a peaceful and brilliant scene. They also look great in pictures.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Have Indian food

Of course an Indian wedding would be incomplete without traditional food. Give your guests Indian food choices and hand out traditional sweets and desserts for the happy occasion. This will be the final touch and will definitely create the Indian weddings touch no matter where in the world you are.

Indian Food

Indian Food

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