Oct . 25 . 2016

Easy Soup recipes to warm up Easy Soup recipes to warm up your fall – Bon appetite! With the fall season underway enjoy the mellow evenings with soul warming soups. Nothing can make a better supper than a bowl full of delicious and rich soup. There is so much you can experiment with. Soups are […]

Oct . 18 . 2016

Spice Village has been nominated for the prestigious Asian Restaurant of the Year Award It is with great pleasure and joy that we announce our nomination for Asian Restaurant of the Year Award 2016. Spice Village restaurants are proud for being the premium HMC certified Halal Indian & Pakistani food in London. Our cuisine includes […]

Oct . 10 . 2016

Watch out for these hidden wedding costs Wedding Band Equipment The cost of the wedding band also includes fees for the musicians’ time as well as the minimum amount of equipment needed. If your reception space is extra-large you will need additional speakers and microphones for best sound quality. This can cost you from several […]

Oct . 10 . 2016

Mouth Drooling Indian Wedding Food Stalls Entertaining your guests is never easy when it comes to choosing menu items. And Indian weddings are very eventful and known for their massive spread of food and drinks. Trying to keep your guests engaged with a variety of food and earn their gratitude is one of the goals […]

Oct . 7 . 2016

Flowers for your perfect fall wedding décor Choosing seasonal blooms for your wedding day décor is the best economical way that will let you stay within your allocated budget range for your wedding. While this may seem easy to handle, but in reality when you start spending money on each item it will all stacks up […]

Oct . 6 . 2016

Exclusive glowing effects on your wedding party within the budget Luxe, on budget lighting for your wedding event We often discuss how the floral arrangements, reception décor and wedding venue set the tone for your whole evening, but there is another element that is essential for your wedding day is the lighting. No matter what […]

Oct . 5 . 2016

Make your Halloween event more scary and creepy by organizing Halloween event with excellent party catering services Amazing ideas for Halloween party The much awaited fall is upon us bringing us a lot of festivities in the months to come. Halloween excites both kids and adults alike. Many have already started thinking about their costumes […]

Sep . 23 . 2016

Diverse Indian Food Variety Indian Food cuisine is famous for their diverse food variety. It is one of the most varied cuisines that there are in the world. Every Indian food is related to its various Indian traditional and cultural touches which are further linked with the province. Not only this, the ingredients used for […]

Sep . 21 . 2016

The best way to save money on wedding food and venue It’s not hard to have a reception in a beautiful location with delicious food. Let’ share some useful tips on how to rent a sensational space and put together the menu of your dreams even if you are on a low budget or a […]

Sep . 8 . 2016

The benefits of Halal Food The meaning of Halal Halal diets have many proven benefits as it can be helpfulin reducing person’s cholesterol, saturated fat and alcohol intake. Halal means allowed in Arabic and is the diet and lifestyles of Muslims. Restrictions In a Muslim diet there is restriction on a range of foods which […]

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