Jun . 18 . 2016

How to make your wedding food more fun Food stations are a popular choice of couples at their wedding events. They are versatile as they can be displayed in any type of wedding; whether big or small, indoor or outdoor, day or night. Food stalls can be inspired by your family background, the locale, traditional […]

Jun . 16 . 2016

London Mayor Nominates Spice Village Restaurant & Catering for the annual Tiffin Cup Spice Village is the name you can trust for the most authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine in London. Spice Village is the pioneers of sumptuous fine dining across London and all over the UK as we also provide exceptional catering services. We […]

Jun . 13 . 2016

Wedding ceremonies have a charm and everyone is eyeing on these events. With the summer season coming, a lot of couples tie wedding knots. Weddings used to be much simpler with a relatively low expenditure. But now-a-days the situation is totally opposite. The average cost of a wedding in UK is nearly £20,000 according to […]

Jun . 2 . 2016

Hey why you don’t become a wedding planner, my friend asked me. All you have to do is party planning. I said to him fine, I will give it a short and 7 years down the line I am living the dream, because I love partying, glitz and glamour so it’s the perfect job for […]

May . 9 . 2016

Slashing the cost of catering at your special day is really hard in the UK because according to the studies you need more than £25,000 for a normal wedding According to the studies and surveys by different companies in the UK, it is obvious that a normal wedding requires around £25,000. But it is also […]

Apr . 25 . 2016

A Bengali wedding ceremony is a combination of unique traditions and rituals from customs to traditions and food to catering, every part is a celebration A Bengali wedding ceremony is unmatched in its unique traditions and festivity. Although many customs have infused into the traditional ceremony based on regional norms, but still there are some […]

Apr . 6 . 2016

Did you know we spend more than £250m a year on Indian food in UK? This infographic shows more interesting facts like this about Indian cuisine. There are more than 12,000 curry houses in the UK The first curry house in the UK opened in 1809 in London. It was called ‘The Hindostanee Coffee House’ […]

Mar . 30 . 2016

Attending an Indian Wedding? Here is all you need to know about Hindu marriage traditions and customs Planning an Indian wedding is a whole different ball game Fun atmosphere, grandeur and authentic Indian food, that’s what defines an Indian wedding the best. Attending a wedding ceremony is one thing but planning them is whole different […]

Mar . 28 . 2016

If you ever get a chance to attend an Indian wedding, you’d be surprised to see what happens there and how they celebrate. It usually takes place in any Indian wedding venue or at home. But before you go to any wedding, you might have some questions that need to be answered first. Let’s have […]

Mar . 26 . 2016

The biggest and most important day of your life, your big day. Should it really be anything less than amazing? The traditional venues or the church weddings are all well and good but there’s always those couples who want to do something unique and much more memorable for to begin their journey in life together. Below […]

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