Jul . 14 . 2015

Following Are The Main Rituals of a Sikh Wedding to Give an Idea of How it Works. After The Match Has Been Found Once the match has been found and the intention has been made then the families have to meet. It is hoped that the meeting goes smoothly without any clashes as this is […]

Jul . 13 . 2015

Top 10 Ways About How to Save on Wedding Food 01: Do The Easy Parts Yourself By this I don’t mean spend your wedding day serving and cooking. Not at all, it’s fairly simple. Having everything provided by the venue from the starters to desserts is going to be extremely expensive and quite unnecessarily so. […]

Jul . 10 . 2015

Indian weddings are a colourful affair and one of the most unforgettable part is the food. As there will be lots of guests from different backgrounds, it’s very important to plan the wedding. It’s also crucial that you cater to everyone’s needs. There are so many dishes to choose from and it can be confusing […]

Jul . 8 . 2015

How Muslim weddings can be a simple affair? Hearing the term ‘Muslim weddings’ should make us think of Islamic practices and beautiful celebrations. However, it does bring to mind tasty food and bright clothes, they are far from Islamic rituals. The amount of money that is wasted in Muslim weddings is sad. From the Islamic […]

Jul . 7 . 2015

Wedding is one of the biggest day in any one’s life and to make it memorable is every bride and groom’s dream. Some weddings are more memorable than the others due to the fun and excitement in them. Every year brings us some new ideas on food, décor, catering, dresses etc. Let’s kick start with […]

Jul . 2 . 2015

Wedding Day Dos and Don’ts It’s your wedding day, you’re going to be busy, nervous and all the other feelings that one feels when taking such a big step in life. On that day, you want everything to go right and no problems should occur. You should look beautiful and your groom should be waiting […]

Jun . 24 . 2015

The Rituals of a Muslim Wedding Muslim wedding traditions differ from country to country, community to community, though in each culture the same core practices are often found. Usually an unforgettable, guest packed event full of entertainment followed by religious practices thought to bless the marriage. Of course, the core religious acts will remain the […]

Jun . 23 . 2015

The 11 dishes below are the epitome of finest Indian dining   Aloo Tikki These are delicious Indian potato appetisers made with mashed potatoes and a variety of spices and then formed into patties. They are fried in oil and then served with mango chutney. You can find these in your local takeaways as well […]

Jun . 20 . 2015

Another Achievement from the House of Spice Spice Village, the best Asian restaurant in Tooting has another accolade to its long list of performance awards. Trip Advisor, the biggest online review company has awarded Spice Village Tooting with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’. Lots of people visit out Tooting branch on regular basis and when they […]

Jun . 18 . 2015

The traditions of Pakistani wedding explained Pakistani weddings are vibrant, full of glitz and consist of glamorous celebrations. It is celebrated with great zeal and excitement. A typical Pakistani wedding has a host of pre-wedding customs and rituals. Pakistan weddings are a colourful affair with everyone wearing dazzling outfits. When the wedding season starts large […]

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