Jun . 15 . 2015

Handful tips on how to organise a Halal Muslim Event When you plan to hold a social event such as a wedding or a corporate event, there are few things to keep in mind especially, the food. Spice Village being one of the best event planners in London will like to share some tips in […]

Jun . 11 . 2015

What gifts to give at a Hindu/Indian Wedding? If you have been invited to a Hindu wedding ceremony and you don’t know anything about it what so ever then don’t worry I can help you with some wedding and gift ideas. Colourful Event Hindu weddings consist of vibrant, glitzy, glamorous, colourful event and pre-wedding celebrations […]

Jun . 10 . 2015

Diabetic patients are advised to visit their Imam and GP if they decide to fast The Qur’an requires Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset and for some years to come this month will fall in summer with fasting time lasting from 17 hours or more. Extra support is at […]

Jun . 3 . 2015

Various foods to eat during Ramadan As Ramadan is fast approaching and is set to start in the middle of June, each fast is going to last for 17 hours or more. It is very important to have a healthy diet during Ramadan. Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal and Iftar is the meal eaten at […]

Jun . 1 . 2015

How to Survive through Ramadan Ramadan is that time of the year when our iman is reinvigorated and we set ourselves ambitious goals. It’s time to ponder about the hereafter and to strengthen our relationship with Allah. We set ourselves big goals, but achieving these big tasks needs pre-planning. As the month goes along we […]

May . 21 . 2015

Pakistani weddings are not less than a Bollywood movie Once you have chosen the right partner, Pakistani wedding is not a simple affair. It’s a circus, a drama of sorts, it has everything you can imagine from a Bollywood blockbuster. Explaining them is no easy thing as well, but let me have a go.   […]

May . 9 . 2015

Whether it’s a big wedding, a birthday or a family party, Pakistani cuisine includes dishes made only from Halal meat Halal Meat The meanings of Halal food are quiet simple; it means ‘lawful food’ and points to the types of food that can be eaten as part of Muslim faith. It also means the way […]

May . 6 . 2015

Don’t stress yourself if you’re not familiar with Indian weddings The invitation card comes in the post that an Indian friend of yours is getting married, so you immediately start getting curious about what happens at an Indian wedding. Don’t get the wedding blues yet as help is at hand as we answer some commonly […]

Apr . 29 . 2015

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life if not the most important, should you hire a professional wedding planner?   Once the date of your wedding is set you immediately start planning it. There are always two options to choose from; to do it alone yourself or to get a […]

Apr . 24 . 2015

Things to look for if you are planning for Indian cuisine on your big day Indian cuisine is one of the most famous foods thriving in the wedding catering industry. Just look at the abundance of Asian wedding caterers in London alone and see what I mean. Especially in the UK, Indian wedding catering in […]

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