Aug . 8 . 2016
A Complete Guide to Wedding Buttonholes

A lay down on the wedding buttonholes Buttonholes are a classy way to complete wedding attire of male members at a wedding reception. It is not just restricted to groom and if your budget allows you can have them for best men, ushers, fathers of groom, bride and grandfathers too. They are actually a distinction […]

Apr . 25 . 2016
How a Bengali Wedding is Unmatched and a Unique Festivity?

A Bengali wedding ceremony is a combination of unique traditions and rituals from customs to traditions and food to catering, every part is a celebration A Bengali wedding ceremony is unmatched in its unique traditions and festivity. Although many customs have infused into the traditional ceremony based on regional norms, but still there are some […]

Mar . 30 . 2016
Hindu Wedding Rituals Explained

Attending an Indian Wedding? Here is all you need to know about Hindu marriage traditions and customs Planning an Indian wedding is a whole different ball game Fun atmosphere, grandeur and authentic Indian food, that’s what defines an Indian wedding the best. Attending a wedding ceremony is one thing but planning them is whole different […]

Mar . 28 . 2016
How to Attend an Indian Wedding?

If you ever get a chance to attend an Indian wedding, you’d be surprised to see what happens there and how they celebrate. It usually takes place in any Indian wedding venue or at home. But before you go to any wedding, you might have some questions that need to be answered first. Let’s have […]

Jan . 22 . 2016
4 Ways to Make your Wedding Memorable

We have all been to or heard of those unbearably boring weddings that last hours and leave us dying of boredom in our seats. On the other hand we have all also been to those weddings that we can’t forget, exciting and beautiful they stay in our mind and become an example of the type […]

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