Dec . 2 . 2016
Serve Best with Varied Serving Styles in Catering

Bring out the creative caterer in you for a treat to your guests Catering is a very tricky business and requires innovation at every step to make it an attractive commodity. Creativity is a thing that can create a thrill in anything and gives freshness to the affair. Caterer uses his imagination to make the […]

Sep . 23 . 2016
Delicious Comparison between Traditional Indian Food and British Indian Food

Diverse Indian Food Variety Indian Food cuisine is famous for their diverse food variety. It is one of the most varied cuisines that there are in the world. Every Indian food is related to its various Indian traditional and cultural touches which are further linked with the province. Not only this, the ingredients used for […]

Apr . 6 . 2016
20 Facts about Indian Food in UK you Probably Don’t Know – Infographic

Did you know we spend more than £250m a year on Indian food in UK? This infographic shows more interesting facts like this about Indian cuisine. There are more than 12,000 curry houses in the UK The first curry house in the UK opened in 1809 in London. It was called ‘The Hindostanee Coffee House’ […]

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