Dec . 2 . 2016
Serve Best with Varied Serving Styles in Catering

Bring out the creative caterer in you for a treat to your guests Catering is a very tricky business and requires innovation at every step to make it an attractive commodity. Creativity is a thing that can create a thrill in anything and gives freshness to the affair. Caterer uses his imagination to make the […]

Nov . 22 . 2016
Fine Desi Wedding Catering in London

A package of delight and tradition combined Even in western countries people from the East do not forget their traditions and style so they keep trying to make their own impression on celebration of events. The way people of sub continent adopt to carryout different actions is called ‘Desi’ so their weddings are also known […]

Sep . 21 . 2016
7 Tips on Saving Money on Wedding Food

The best way to save money on wedding food and venue It’s not hard to have a reception in a beautiful location with delicious food. Let’ share some useful tips on how to rent a sensational space and put together the menu of your dreams even if you are on a low budget or a […]

Mar . 28 . 2016
How to Attend an Indian Wedding?

If you ever get a chance to attend an Indian wedding, you’d be surprised to see what happens there and how they celebrate. It usually takes place in any Indian wedding venue or at home. But before you go to any wedding, you might have some questions that need to be answered first. Let’s have […]

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