Oct . 10 . 2016
Indian Wedding Food Stall Ideas

Mouth Drooling Indian Wedding Food Stalls Entertaining your guests is never easy when it comes to choosing menu items. And Indian weddings are very eventful and known for their massive spread of food and drinks. Trying to keep your guests engaged with a variety of food and earn their gratitude is one of the goals […]

Aug . 4 . 2016
What can be the Setbacks in Season Summer Weddings and Tips on how to Avoid them?

Planning to get married in summer? You Definitely Should Read This Summer brings a lot of joy, fun and excitement with it. This season is a hub of all sorts of activities with family dinners, barbeques, parties and not-to-forget the charming wedding receptions with delicious food we get invited to. Many couples find this season […]

Jul . 20 . 2016
6 Delightful Alternatives for your Wedding Food

Different Wedding Food Options Are you fed up from the traditional and casual wedding food? Don’t worry. We are always here to open new horizons of tasty food with delicious tastes and latest trends. When choosing a menu, think about your venue and what time of day you want to plan. If you want to […]

Jun . 13 . 2016
20 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

Wedding ceremonies have a charm and everyone is eyeing on these events. With the summer season coming, a lot of couples tie wedding knots. Weddings used to be much simpler with a relatively low expenditure. But now-a-days the situation is totally opposite. The average cost of a wedding in UK is nearly £20,000 according to […]

Jul . 13 . 2015
10 Ways to Save on Wedding Food

Top 10 Ways About How to Save on Wedding Food 01: Do The Easy Parts Yourself By this I don’t mean spend your wedding day serving and cooking. Not at all, it’s fairly simple. Having everything provided by the venue from the starters to desserts is going to be extremely expensive and quite unnecessarily so. […]

Jul . 7 . 2015
5 Hot wedding food trends for 2015

Wedding is one of the biggest day in any one’s life and to make it memorable is every bride and groom’s dream. Some weddings are more memorable than the others due to the fun and excitement in them. Every year brings us some new ideas on food, décor, catering, dresses etc. Let’s kick start with […]

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