Mar . 24 . 2016
Ingredients of a Spicy Indian Wedding

Only Catering doesn’t have to be spicy to add spice to an Indian wedding Living abroad often means missing out on the fun involved in Indian weddings and ended up with something quite boring in Indian standards. According to Indian’s weddings should be full of fun and joy and emotions presented through the actions of […]

Feb . 3 . 2016
What to do if the Dress Goes Wrong

Dress disasters happen often and are definitely not unheard of. With the bride ordering the dress months prior to the wedding and forgetting to keep the dress in mind when booking a venue or when choosing the grooms suit. Better still, choosing the size you don’t intend to stay only to realize when it comes […]

Jan . 13 . 2016
Gifts for the Groom

Why not treat your new husband with gifts Choices are Limited Getting a gift for the groom isn’t always easy. Unlike the many options available for the bride, jewelry, dresses, make up and a wide selection of choices, the groom part is always more difficult. On the other hand, there are a few gifts that […]

Dec . 31 . 2015
3 Ultra Luxurious Wedding Cars

Go to your wedding in Style Organising a wedding is a stressful thing as there is just so much that needs to decided and considered: the venue, invitations, wedding dress, tuxedo, bridesmaids and wedding catering are just the beginning. Unfortunately, the wedding car is left to the end and overlooked, but it really is an important […]

Dec . 18 . 2015
10 Love Quotes To Get You in The Romantic Wedding Mood

Love conquers all and has inspired the greatest novels, artists, movies and personalities the world has ever seen. Weddings are the best way of celebrating love for each other and as the festive season is upon us we bring you our top ten love quotes.   One “There is a place you can touch a […]

Dec . 4 . 2015
4 Creative Wedding Ideas

Your wedding is your big day and the day you will always look back on and remember. To make it even more memorable here are 4 ideas for the themes you could choose. Have a Horror Theme If you’re into horror and your partner is too then don’t disregard this wedding theme. Becoming more common […]

Nov . 26 . 2015
Wedding Gifts To Make The Couple Smile

Wedding is a time of happiness and joy Wedding is all about Gifts We all know weddings bring gifts, lots of them. We also know amongst those gifts are some that are just pointless and almost torturous. The aunty that gives the suit that looks like it was your great grandmothers and the dinner sets […]

Jul . 14 . 2015
Rituals of a Sikh Wedding

Following Are The Main Rituals of a Sikh Wedding to Give an Idea of How it Works. After The Match Has Been Found Once the match has been found and the intention has been made then the families have to meet. It is hoped that the meeting goes smoothly without any clashes as this is […]

Jul . 13 . 2015
10 Ways to Save on Wedding Food

Top 10 Ways About How to Save on Wedding Food 01: Do The Easy Parts Yourself By this I don’t mean spend your wedding day serving and cooking. Not at all, it’s fairly simple. Having everything provided by the venue from the starters to desserts is going to be extremely expensive and quite unnecessarily so. […]

Jul . 10 . 2015
Don’t Panic Help is at Hand for Your Indian Wedding Food Menu

Indian weddings are a colourful affair and one of the most unforgettable part is the food. As there will be lots of guests from different backgrounds, it’s very important to plan the wedding. It’s also crucial that you cater to everyone’s needs. There are so many dishes to choose from and it can be confusing […]

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