Oct . 28 . 2016
What Wikipedia won’t tell you about Indian Food!

Popularity of Indian food in UK

More Indian Restaurants

Over the recent decades, Indian food is becoming popular enough so that one might find more Indian food restaurant than the English food restaurants. From the last half century, number of restaurants offering Indian food are in quantum leap as compared to the traditional English restaurants.

These restaurants are increasing in such a high number that London has more Indian food restaurants than the biggest cities of India like Bombay and New Delhi.

The Biggest Indian Restaurant in the World

One can estimate the highly increasing popularity of these restaurants in England with the support of this fact that the largest Indian restaurant worldwide is in England named “Aakash”. Indian restaurants follow a complete geographical pattern, and many of them, in reality, are not actually Indian but the owners belong to Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The biggest Indian Restaurant in the World - Aakash

The biggest Indian Restaurant in the World – Aakash

Different Flavors of Indian Food

For the last two decades, Indian food has occupied an important place in the lives of British, from any party, wedding, exhibition to a weekend dinner. In addition, Indian food covers six different tastes like sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and sharp and all dishes attempt to balance each of these flavors.

Different Flavours of Indian Food

Different Flavors of Indian Food

Famous Indian Dishes

Most famous dishes include chicken tikka masala; butter chicken, Rogan josh etc. Indian food is a cause of endearment if one might visit UK because the dishes are made dual with British recipe and Indian spice.

chicken tikka masala

chicken tikka masala

Whenever you visit the UK, don’t forget to try chicken tikka masala and others dishes too.

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