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Ramadan Iftar Buffet at Ilford
Ramadan Iftar Buffet at Southall
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Ramadan Iftar Catering

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and it's a time of fasting for Muslims. Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and everything else that is excessive from dawn until the sun sets. Ramadan teaches us spirituality, patience and humility and it is the time to purify the soul and making your connection strong with Allah.

Ramadan Iftar Buffet at the World Famous Spice Village

Ramadan at Spice Village restaurants is no ordinary affair as we provide complimentary dates, Roooh Afza (a refreshing Pakistani drink) and Pakoras to open your fast. Afterwards come join us for cheap Iftar buffet at any of our restaurants in London. Our scrumptious Ramadan Iftar buffet menu is bound to give you the best taste in town. Come Join us at Spice Village London restaurants this Ramadan and have the best of both worlds.


  • Fabulous meal we had here. The fish masla and taraka dal was awesome. Love to come back again here.

  • Excellent service well done. Very nice food aswell. The food was great and very good. Great hygiene. Thank you.

  • Great service and awesome food!! The best Gajar Halwa in London!!!! Rafi explained the dishes well......


Spice Village maintains the highest standards of food hygiene and is regularly tested by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Our cleanliness has been admired by our valuable customers many times.

HMC Certified

Spice Village prides itself to be the very few HMC certified Indian restaurants in England. We make sure that our customers eat the best Halal meat hence we go that extra mile to get the HMC certification. Be rest assured that you are only eating 100% Halal meat when you come to Spice Village.


  • Spice Village does the best Masala fish in the country. --Ainsley Harriot, BBC Chef

  • A large refectory-style restaurant and takeaway, Spice Village is often full of families. Specials include fish tikka (marinated and cooked on a skewer) and shahi haleem (lamb cooked with lentils). Sadiq Khan recommends masala fish. --The Guardian

Our Experts

  • Muhammad Ali, Head Chef
    "Our Head Chef has a vast experience of cooking sumptuous dishes to feed our taste buds for many many years. Muhammad knows exactly what ingredients to use and what spice to cook mouth watering food. The amazing food you taste is from the best Asian chef in town. Muhammad has created a set of truly exceptional dishes for Spice Village."
  • Customer Service at its Best
    "Our catering staff has a vast experience of dealing with all kinds of functions; small or large. They are trained to provide premium services of an exceptional level. The amazing food and the service you experience is the best in town. For outstanding customer care make your way to Spice Village."
  • Delicious Food
    "Spice Village food is prepared from only the finest and freshest ingredients. The amazing food you taste is from the best Asian chef in town. Muhammad has always made truly outstanding dishes for Spice Village. Taste the very best of Spicy food in London."

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